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This is another one of those posts that I really should have written ages ago. It is not great secret that I did not love living in Kansas. But in my final semester I really wanted to make some good memories so I could remember it nicely. You can find my posts from where I had a sleepover at a museum with a Harry Potter theme, when I went to the Kansas State Fair, and when I visited a Frank Lloyd Wright museum. I was successful. These events will never reconcile me with the Kansas climate, but I do look back more fondly than I otherwise would have. Here are my highlights for what to do in Kansas City!

Vintage Everything

I went with two friends and we stayed in a lovely Airbnb that was well located. Kansas City was a ton of fun. The entire city feels dedicated to loving retro. So many vintage stores. Kansas City has about the same population as Wichita and yet it felt like it had so much more to offer. Donna’s Dress Shop was by far the cutest, and offers a lot of replica clothes. Boomerang had a lot of lovely accessories and some cool clothes but very limited in petite sizes for the clothes. Re-Runs had a better selection of smaller sizes and I was sorely tempted to purchase things I did not need. There were several others – honestly I just encourage you to walk around and stop in, they were a lot of fun to explore.

Best Museum in the Plains?

I had never heard of the Nelson Atkins Museum but it is very underrated. Their American Indian section was absolutely fantastic and I learned a lot. Very well done curation and frankly it was just beautiful how everything was arranged. In museums I often find there is an overload of….stuff. This museum felt like it had chosen each item carefully. Also the café was shockingly good. Did I mention this museum is completely free? Yeah. Go see it.

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I didn’t take this photo (thanks Pixabay) my phone fritzed the entire trip.

Cool Eating/Drinking Options

I find that a lot of people don’t know what real Italian pasta tastes like. It truly is an experience. And I don’t even really like food! <<I know, I’ve alienated everyone, but what I’ve found interesting is that through my travels I have come to appreciate food so much more which is unexpected and cool! Anywho, Kansas City is home to Lidia’s Italian. I highly, highly recommend heading here for delicious Italian with actual homemade pasta.

Additionally, the Mud Pie Vegan Bakery had some nice options and drinks and we stopped in at least twice.

For drinks I cannot recommend the Green Lady Lounge enough – even if you aren’t actually drinking. The setting is fantastic, if absolutely terrible for photos. The vibe feels very stuck in time, the live Jazz music is lovely. Be aware the drinks are incredibly strong and they don’t skimp on the amount O.o

I hope you consider Kansas City for a trip! I was shocked by how much I liked it and still think it is one of the most underrated places I have ever been. This has been What to Do in Kansas City!

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