Castle Rock Hostel Review

I stayed in a 10 bed mixed dorm in the Beetles room in a bed named Christmas for two nights. As I pointed out in my last post, most hostels in Europe seem to be cheaper via the website rather than a site like HostelWorld. Always double check, because it really depends. Either way the Castle Rock Hostel website is worth a visit. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a website as cute and informative all at once. This is a Castle Rock Hostel Review 🙂


An excellent location next to the biggest tourist area, the Royal Mile and Edinburgh castle. Still manages to be incredibly quite a night, even with a window open. Free tea, hot chocolate, and coffee!! A variety of lounge rooms, incredibly friendly and helpful staff, a low price, a cheap breakfast (1.50 pounds for a large roll with jam or Nutella and butter, a glass of juice, and a bowl of cereal in addition to a fruit of your choice with a large variety from kiwis to oranges), very clean and spacious. You can check backs at the front desk if you don’t need them in your room.

church next door - castle rock hostel review

The church next door on the Royal Mile


You don’t get to choose your own bed, and I hate top bunk if I can avoid it because I’m tiny so getting up is hard and I toss a lot in my sleep. It may sound petty but because of the lack of handrails I genuinely avoided getting into my bed until the last second. Lockers are kind of small, especially for a backpacking crowd, but it’s not really a big deal as everyone is pretty trustworthy and kept their larger bags out anyways. There isn’t a full kitchen, and there is no refrigerator for anything you might have bought. There’s a microwave and toaster and electric kettle, though.


This is the place to stay for me. It’s slightly more my kind of vibe, a little bit more hippy, and it’s cheaper. I had a lot of fun here, it was a place I honestly wish I could have stayed in longer. Check out my review of Kick Ass Hostels!

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