All of my wildest stories from my trips around the globe! Most of these aren’t that instructive (but they might be useful for what to avoid and fun ideas). This is my answer to ever-increasing lack of creativity in the travel blogging world. So, I hope you like these!

The Time I Rescued a Dog in South Korea – For some reason dogs find me trustworthy. Rescuing a lost dog in the middle of a country with a very different culture around helping your neighbors, and in another language…well, it was an experience!

Almost Getting Kidnapped in Paris (The Taxi Cab Scam) – Slightly scary and the reason that I no longer penny pinch after getting off a long flight. My brain just isn’t there! This happens to a lot of people, so avoid my mistakes.

View of the museum square and the glass pyramid

Why I’ll Never Do A 10-Hour Layover Again – Ugh, even years later I feel the waves of exhaustion just thinking about this experience. It made me hate Madrid, even though I hardly saw it! This never-ending experience had lasting consequences for the way I travel.

Zurich Airport Review: It Does NOT Belong in the Top 10 – I spent a night in the Zurich airport and it was like the setting of a psychedelic horror film. I can’t believe this useless airport is somehow on top 10 lists on so many websites….did the Swiss bribe them all?!

Korean UNESCO sites looking down on the courtyard with hanging lanterns

My Life-Changing Buddhist Korean Temple Stay – One of my less exciting stories, perhaps, but one that I cherish a lot. I think I truly learned something about inner peace that day, and about how I view the world now.