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Paris Taxi Scam: Don’t Get Conned!

The Paris Taxi Scam In the middle of writing my post about what to do in Paris, I realized I'd never told you all about my encounter with a Paris Taxi scam. It may seem obvious that this was a scam, but I'm a ...
A not great photo of a statue in Madrid that's probably famous that I don't remember

Why I’ll Never Do a 10 Hour Layover Again

As a member of several travel forums and groups one of the questions I often see asked is "I have a 10 hour layover in _____, can I go outside and do something?" The short answer is "Yes", and the longer answer...
The Eiffel Tower on a very busy tourist day in Paris where it is too sunny

A Night in Paris: 8 Hours of Misery on the Seine

A night in Paris... Avoiding Stupidity Top Tip #1: Leave more time to catch the last train home I have previously discussed how much I hated my time in Zurich. There is a part 2 to that tale, which deals with ...