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The Best Souvenirs While Traveling

Best Souvenirs I've been trying to downsize my life for years. I would love to be able to travel full-time someday and that means I have got to reduce my lifestyle. But what to do about souvenirs? I don't want ...
a navy large teacup on a matching saucer filled with white foam. It sits next to a notebook on a wooden counter with a view out green framed windows to the tomb mound park on a rainy day.

How to Take the Train in Korea

How to Take the Train in Korea I actually don't take the train that often in Korea. It's a very small country and it's generally a lot cheaper to go by bus. However, if you're looking to traverse the entire co...
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How to Buy Korean Bus Tickets

How to Buy Korean Bus Tickets Are you wondering how to buy Korean bus tickets? It's actually really easy! I recommend buying in-person as it's simpler and you don't have to worry about printing, but you can bu...