One of the most fun activities you can have in Jeju is to take a trip to Udo Island. It is out of the way, and most of the tourists who visit are Korean – that’s because they’re in on the secret!

Udo is an island just off the coast of Jeju, that can be reached via a 20 minute ferry. It’s known for stunning beaches, peanut themed food, and fun adventures like horseback riding and biking.

It’s name in Korean also means “Cow” Island – not that you will see any cows! But there are some interestingly shaped rock formations that led to the name that you’ll get to see in this Udo Itinerary. Keep reading to plan your trip to Udo Island in Jeju, South Korea!

View of the "cow" Island - Udo Island, Jeju Korea

How to Get to Udo Island from Jeju

The only way to get to Udo Island is via ferry. The ferries leave from the eastern side of Jeju every thirty minutes or so starting at 8AM and ending at 5PM. There are some seasonal time changes where you can stay later in the day to about 6:30, so check to see when you can come back.

The ferry leaves from Seongsan. There is another port called Jongdal that also has ferries to Udo, but its times are more limited (starting at around 9AM and ending at 4PM). The cost of a round-trip ticket is 8,500krw and the trip takes 15-20 minutes.

I highly recommend arriving early to the port, as navigating Korean ferry terminals is one of the most confusing tasks in the entire country.

How to Get Around Udo Island

Udo Island is quite small, and it is easily traversed in just a few hours. There are several ways to do this. If you’re coming in the cooler months, it’s highly recommended to rent a bicycle and cycle around the island. In the summer, it is far too hot and there is not much shade. 

You can either rent one of the golf carts or scooters, but these will require an International Driver’s License. If you don’t have that, you can buy an unlimited bus pass to go around the island. This bus stops at all the best spots, but look over the two different routes carefully as they don’t always go where you expect. 

Expect to pay around 10,000krw for a 2hr bike rental (you can easily ask for more hours since if you plan to bike you’ll want to stop and swim/relax/etc.). Other rentals such as golf carts and electric trikes will probably cost around 30-35,000krw for the 2hr rental.

Udo Island Itinerary

I recommend you plan to spend the vast majority of your day on your trip to Udo Island. You can expect to have time to do other things in the evening. But, your average trip to Udo Island will last from around 9AM to 4PM.

Head Counter-Clockwise Around Udo Island

Heading eastwards will take you to the second stop on the bus, if that’s your mode of transportation. Otherwise, you can use Kakao Maps to navigate to Dennis Cafe. This cafe is just across the street from an area that has jet boats that take you around part of the island at high speeds.

Trip to Udo Island on a jet boat

On these rides, you’ll get to see some cool formations and enjoy the breeze through your hair and the sea spray on your skin. These rides cost about 10,000krw in cash and they’re an exhilarating way to see the “cow” that lends Udo Island its name.

Beaches and Food

Hop back on your ride and keep going. You can choose to visit 비양도등대 lighthouse that has some lovely views, or continue on to one of the two best beaches on the island. 

Beautiful beaches on a trip to Udo Island

Hagosudong beach is great for swimming and relaxing, with crystal clear water and clean white sand. This is a nice area to stop for lunch, with the 안녕육지사람 being a perennial favorite. Savories include burgers (although the best place for burgers is a little out of the way at Hahahoho) and the famed peanut ice cream. Make sure to pick up some peanut jam – it’s surprisingly delicious! 

Inside the peanut cafe on Udo Island

Continue on your way – consider looking into a horseback ride from one of the several equestrian centers dotting the island. But, if you’re all about the relaxation, finish off your day at 우도산호해변. This beach’s sand has tons of tiny shells, and some great views looking back at Jeju. 

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