Revenge of Stonehenge – Kansas

Who knows why or how our minds wander.  Sometimes it just makes connections that make you chuckle.  This post relates one such experience that occurred during a road trip.

You never know what wonders you will find as you travel.  Driving through northeast Wichita on my way to points north, I noticed an amazing structure…  “Look! Stonehenge – Kansas.”

Kansas Stonehenge vs. England Stonehenge

Surely not.  We know that Stonehenge is in England. But take a look at this photo, and tell me it is NOT Stonehenge!

Kansas Stonehenge:

Stonehenge - Kansas. Driving north in Wichita Kansas, a work zone has 6 pillars of steel jutting into the sky. One pillar leans against a vertical pillar, reminiscent of Stonehenge.

Stonehenge Kansas

Kansas Stonehenge and Pyramid

As if Stonehenge were not enough, a pyramid!  In this photo, you can see the Pyramid as well.  If you can’t spot it, check out the next photo, with markup.

Sttonehenge and Pyramid Kansas unretouched. In this photo, the "Stonehenge - Kansas" discussed earlier appears next to a "pyramid," which is likely a sand storage facility for icy days.

Stonehenge and Pyramid Kansas – unretouched

Stonehenge and Pyramid Kansas markup. In this photo, a giant red arrow is used to point to the "pyramid" in the photo.

Stonehenge and Pyramid Kansas – markup

England Stonehenge:

Now here’s the REAL Stonehenge (Photo courtesy of a Tumbleweed friend who took this photo in England, and prefers to remain nameless).

Real Stonehenge in England. In this photo, Stonehenge appears in the far distance, past a barbed wire fence, in what looks like a farmer's field. This is the "real" Stonehenge in England, but so distant that the photographer kindly circled these ancient monuments with red marker, and added four red arrows for visibility.

Real Stonehenge in England

The similarities are remarkable! In a side-by-side comparison, Three Tumbleweeds unanimously agreed, the ten hour flight across the pond may not be necessary, when a home grown Stonehenge is right here in the Southern Plains.

Here’s a closeup of the Real Stonehenge so you can decide for yourself.

stonehenge with many clouds and a blue sky, this is the real Stonehenge, rather than Stonehenge - Kansas, and is truly a remarkable structure of massive stones jutting into the blue sky, other flat stones balanced atop the vertical stones.


Parting Thoughts

The Kansas Stonehenge made for some lively conversation and amusement.  We think it’s pretty cool, which just goes to show you can find something interesting to see almost anywhere you go.  A national landmark, coming soon…  you heard it here first.

Check out the featured image at the top of this post.  It’s “Cardiff Stonehenge,” another Stonehenge trying to pretend it’s a tad more ancient than it is.

Check out Fleur’s Post on Visiting the Real Stonehenge in England…

Check out Fleur’s post on Stonehenge and Avebury to get the real scoop on these ancient wonders.

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