September 2019 Travel Report

This month saw many new experiences, not the least of which was starting my first full time job. I didn’t have too much time to travel (despite having a four day holiday already) as I was so new to everything and trying to find a work/home balance. But I am now fully settled and ready to explore! So, check out my September 2019 Travel Report.

South Korea



My main school is further out in the country but so, so beautiful!

My new home! I’m still figuring out exactly what there is to do around here. There’s seemingly a reason it’s not listed in many guidebooks, despite it being home to around a million people. It’s just kinda normal. On my most recent trip to Jinju (in October) I found myself rather jealous of the teachers placed there. However, Changwon makes up for its lack of history and different things to do by being very convenient. The ice rink is only a 15 minute walk from my house, and Changwon is well connected to the other areas of Korea. It seems there is almost always a direct bus to anywhere I want to go in Korea, no transfers necessary.

When I find some of the unique experiences in Changwon I will have a post for you 🙂


I have yet to get this post up, but I took a whirlwind daytrip to Busan. What a huge amount you can see in a day there! Although I know there is more, and I completely missed the beach I had originally meant to go to, I felt very fulfilled in what I had seen. Besides, I know I will be headed to Busan twice in October. On this trip I went with my co-worker, another foreign teacher at one of my schools.

IMG 2705

The view of Gamcheon Cultural Village in Busan

Cost: 82,000won (around $68USD)

Busan costs a surprising amount of money. This is mainly due to the city being incredibly spread out. Even with a bus and subway system, we often felt forced to take a taxi or risk taking two hours to get somewhere. This was the main expense of my trip, although it was split with someone. A breakdown of the cost is as follows (I round up to the nearest 1,000 won for convenience):

Intercity Bus Ticket (roundtrip): 14,000w ($12)

Local transport (bus and subway): 6,000w ($5)

Taxi transport: 50,000 split between two people, 25,000w each ($21)

Food: 27,000w (15,000 of this was a fancier traditional cafe that was well worth it) $22.50

Purchases: 10,000w Gamcheon cultural village sucked me in! ($8)


So that’s it for the September 2019 Travel Report – Check out my posts on Teaching In Korea!

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