Something that might seem obvious – window or aisle seat- takes more consideration than you might realize. But obviously no one wants the middle seats 😛

Long Haul Flights: Aisle

This will depend on how well you sleep/how often you need to pee. Even then, I would still consider the aisle seat on any flight longer than 5 hours. If you are anything like me, you hate bothering people when you need to get up. But it’s important for you to get up and stretch on these flights. If you’re in an aisle seat, then no problem. You also really should drink as much water as you can on the plane to keep from getting dehydrated and sick.

If you really like to pass out on planes (somehow, with magic that remains undiscovered to me) then the window is the most comfortable seat. But I can never sleep and its nice to catch up on the latest movies on the plane.

Short Flights

I really really like looking out the window. Often my first impression of a city is how it looks as we fly in for a landing. I really cherish those few moments, but they’re not worth it if I need to get up all the time. For flights under 5 hours though, it’s totally worth it.

It also helps with claustrophobia. I don’t get it too much, but sometimes I just need to breath and looking out the window that is under my own command can really help with that.

Other Considerations

Try to get your seat closer to the restrooms, but not super close (the seats closest never recline and I appreciate that extra inch). This way you can keep an eye on the line. There’s also normally a nice stretching space near the bathroom as well 😀

I don’t recommend drinking alcohol on planes. While it may help relax you, often it leads to a headache as the plane is working to dehydrate you as well. For a short flight it’s ok, but nothing longer than 3 hours (when I begin to feel like a dried husk). Take an aspirin instead.

Bring your own food. I’ve talked about this elsewhere, but it has revolutionized my long-haul travel. No more feeling weird the rest of the flight from bad meals. Pick something up in the airport or pack snacks from home.

I hope this quick advice has been helpful in picking a window or aisle seat! What are your plane tips?

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