Boseong is a gorgeous trip through the tea fields in the southwest of Korea. It’s a bit far at 4 hours away from Seoul and expensive (Train $40, Bus $20-30). However, its a wonderful addition to any Korea itinerary, especially if you’re considering Gwangju or Jinju. So, let’s check out everything to do in Boseong!

1. Boseong Green Tea Fields

To do in Boseong tea fields with colorful trees in background

The main event, of course! This is the the main thing to do in Boseong, and it’s worth the trip. If you’ve been to tea fields in Japan or China you might be a tad disappointed in the quality of tea (check out Hadong for the best Korean tea). But, I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say these are the most beautiful tea fields in the world.

If Korea does anything they’re going to do it in the most beautiful and epic way. Just look at Suncheon! The wetlands were in trouble from tourist bus smog – so they built massive, gorgeous national, gardens to protect them. Similarly, the fields in Boseong are decorated with flowering trees, the rows working their way up the hill will towering trees in the background. It is simply a delight to spend hours wandering and catching the sunset over the bushes.

2. Ocean Views

Layers of mountains fading into the ocean in Boseong travel guide. The islands in the distance are just visible, looking like they almost hover in the air from how pale the sea is.

Something not well advertised about what else you can do in Boseong’s green tea fields? The short (if a tad scary!) hike up to a viewing platform above the fields. In the distance you can just make out islands seeming to float upon an ocean of clouds in the sea. It’s one of the best views to be had without the usual multi-kilometer stair treks in the country of Korea! Sometimes the visibility is a lot better or a lot worse, personally I enjoyed the slight foggy view we had. Check the pollution forecast app like 미셈치세 ahead of time if you are only interested in a nice view!

3. Sequoia Forest Path

A tree with two halves growing separately

Make sure you take the scenic route on your way to the tea fields! The Sequoia trees are incredibly tall, creating amazing backdrops to the main fields as well as smaller farms along the way. Some have amazing formations and the smell of the forest path is indescribably fresh. Did you know that in Damyang they will charge you to walk along a much less impressive stretch of Sequoias? Appreciate them here! For free!

4. Stay in the Green Tea Resort

To be honest the Nokcha Green Tea Resort is just about the only place you can stay nearby. And, it is fairly expensive by Korean terms at around $80 a night for an OK room, however in the colder months it can sometimes be around $55. Honestly the tea fields look nice just about any time of year! However, each room has a picnic table with lovely views over the valley and it’s within walking distance to the tea fields.

5. Check Out the Nearby Beach

If the views aren’t doing it for you, head to Yulpo beach about 10 minutes away via taxi. I’ll be honest, the beach isn’t all that pretty compared to many in Korea, but it’s a nice compliment to the heat of the tea fields in summer. Additionally, if splashing in the ocean isn’t quite your speed then head over to the Haesu Nogchatang where they have a saltwater spa with specialty green tea baths!

6. Green Tea Icecream!

A paper cup with green tea ice scream spiraled up and a pink spoon. It's being held in a person's hand and the background is a blurry statue of an ice cream

While inside the fields there is a fantastical array of green tea foods (chocolate, noodles, drinks!), you should buy your ice cream outside. It’s cheap and totally refreshing on a hot day at around 3,000krw a cup. It’s actually some of the better matcha ice cream I’ve had because they still keep it really creamy and it’s not too bitter.

And that’s everything to do in Boseong! I hope you’ll check it out and tell me about anything I missed!

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