Danyang is one big, delightful surprise. When you’ve been just about everywhere in Korea (51 Wonderful Places to Visit in Korea), it’s amazing that you can still fall in love with a new place. Danyang has the distinction of being both a fun place to visit and being an awesome base for many daytrips to nearby areas. So check out these 11 adventures in Danyang!

1. Paragliding – Adventures in Danyang

Paragliding over the Han river in Danyang

Danyang is a hot spot for paragliding in Korea! Who knew Korea was known for its paragliding?!

I was highly impressed with the instructors, not so impressed with the road conditions (the worst I have encountered in Korea). Paragliding is a great gateway to having other amazing adventures in Danyang.

If you’re looking for more information, I have a write-up all about my Paragliding Experience in Danyang.

2. Gosu Cave

Adventures in Danyang inside Gosu cave

If the caving bug has bit you, this is a must see. It’s far more cramped than many cave experiences in Korea, but you shouldn’t have to duck too often.

For 9,900krw, you get to wind your way up and down stairs with twists and turns – and the occasional droplet of cave water. Fantastic for the summer, the coolness of the cave can be a relief after the hot sun.

The cave formations are awesome, the information is a little lacking in English to understand them, but it doesn’t affect the experience. This is definitely my favorite thing to do in Danyang – it sparked my love of caves that continues to this day!

3. The V-Train – Adventures in Danyang

Danyang adventures - the red train for the V-train mountain route

Danyang is the perfect place to base yourself if you’re planning to take the tourist V-Train through the picturesque mountains. If you’ve seen them from above by paragliding, it is particularly fun to see them from the comfort of a train.

The V-Train is special because it’s kept at a medium speed and has huge beautiful windows that you can actually open to inhale the fresh mountain air. This is a unique experience in Korea, and it will take you through a several small Korean towns that you otherwise would not see.

It’s good for children, couples, and adults. There’s an…eclectic Santa Village for the children (there’s adorable llamas…for some reason?), and the awe-inspiring views for everybody else!

4. The Market

I’ve always said if you’ve seen one market in Korea, you’ve pretty much seen them all. I kinda have to disagree with myself there – the market in Danyang is delightful. We didn’t “eat out” at a restaurant the entire time we were there, each night we would wander down to the market and try something new.

Fun stalls provide creative food interpretations alongside Korean classics. Sweet black garlic bread wasn’t my favorite but was worth the try. The fried chicken, deokgalbi (marinated beef in patty form), and the popped rice from an ancient-looking machine by the river were all hits. This place is best for foodie adventures in Danyang!

5. River Walk

Frozen Han river adventures in Danyang

As you enter Danyang, you will likely see a covered pathway suspended over the Han river. This is a delightful walking opportunity that doesn’t require tons of stress or hiking equipment.

The suspended walkway places you high in the air over the river, which affords you some beautiful views of the river and the surrounding lush countryside. It’s completely free and doesn’t feature excessive stairs or inclines – so that’s a big win in Korea!

6. The Skywalk – Adventures in Danyang

For those of you who would rather views closer to the ground and aren’t super tired from days of travel, the Skywalk is the option for you! Both an art installation and a hike with a reward, this a slightly more tiring version of the riverwalk, with even more enticing views form the top.

The view at the top a panoramic view of the entirety of Danyang and the countryside. The structure itself is not that difficult to climb, but there are a lot of stairs up to it, so be aware. The structure is different, and is illuminated at night with different colors.

7. Daytrip to Chunju Lake

Adventures in Danyang - views from the cable car in Chunju Lake

This will take you awhile. I recommend you take a quick train to Jecheon in lieu of attempting to take a bus from Danyang. There are much more “direct” buses from Jecheon.

Chunju Lake is home to a selection of fun things to do. There is a Korean traditional village here, as well as a cable car with some awesome views.

The lake is also beautiful, as you can see! Going to Danyang is mainly about adventure and viewing nature, but there’s something here for the history buffs as well.

8. Daytrip to Jecheon – The Reservoir

A view of the frozen reservoir to go in korea

You might be able to do this on the same day you go to Chunju Lake, if you can time it correctly. There’s not a whole lot to do in this town, but the old Reservoir is beautiful. It was a perfect stop to breath and relax.

There is a really high spillway that creates a waterfall, and tunnels that have picture-perfect views of the lake. Honestly, I was charmed by how stunning this area of Korea looks in winter. Evergreen trees and perfectly baby blue ice.

9. Suyyangae Light Tunnel/Display

A lot of people love this attraction but I found it a little overrated a very overpriced. The tunnels themselves on the car drive over are very, very cool. I felt like I was in Willy Wonka or something. But the actual light park is a 9,000krw entry fee – for Korea that’s insane!

Not to mention it’s quite difficult to get here via public transport so you’ll have to factor in the taxi or car rental. The tunnels were definitely the highlight and I kinda wish we hadn’t bothered to go inside and had just gone back 😛

The inside is nice, but it’s smaller than you’d think and the displays aren’t the most amazing. Then again, maybe I’m spoiled after having gone to Tokyo’s Teamlab Borderless museum. This is something nice to do at night, as there aren’t tons of options in Danyang for nighttime activities.

10. Korean Tea Culture Musuem

Korea doesn’t talk too much about its tea culture. So if you’re like me and love everything to do with tea, this is surely an eye opening museum. Thousands of varieties of tea and they’ll help you to fall in love with this drink. It’s also technically in Jecheon, but Jecheon isn’t worth staying in, in my opinion.

This is my biggest regret about Danyang. The tea museum was closed due to Covid – it was a huge part of the reason I wanted to go to Danyang in the first place. Alas, I’m still putting it on this list because I think its sounds like a great museum to visit.

11. Cable Cars and Ziplines

Danyang has allllll the adventure sports! You can sign up for the zipline right next to the Bus Terminal. It costs 30,000krw and will send you spinning down the mountain. This is a nice step up in excitement from the paragliding.

However, if both of these seem a little too alarming, there is the Namsan cable car. It’s difficult to get to without a car, and costs about 14,000krw. Weirdly, the very out-of-the-way cable car near Chunju Lake is a little easier to get to!

But, both of these are a great complement to any Danyang Itinerary and a lot of fun.

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