April 2020 Travel 

April 2020 Travel. Korea handled the Coronavirus so well that towards the end of April it was comfortable enough to travel. You still wear masks and disinfect everything, but in general life is almost completely back to normal. In-person school is expected to re-start the second week of May. Because of the virus and the resulting lack of classes and schedule changes, I was forced to take most of my vacation days in the last week or so.

So, instead of going to Uzbekistan, I’ll maybe get to go to Jeju. Oh well, such is life. At least I got to visit two new places and one of my favorites this month! So this is my April 2020 Travel!


I had never been to Jeonju and it was a sudden point of interest. Almost overnight it appeared before my eyes in my guidebook. I had only ever heard people talk of it as the birthplace of bibimbap, a mixed rice dish I’m not a massive fan of. But there’s so much more!

IMG 5806

Bamboo scenery in the Jeonju shrine

Since this was a vacation I splurged a little more to be both safe and have fun. I avoided hostels the past week on the off chance. I finally got to stay in Korea’s traditional hanok houses! And it was one of the best experiences ever. I spent a lot of my time hiking so as to avoid people, but I did make it to one shrine that was well spread out. All in all, a fantastic trip!

Total Cost: 194,000

Hanok room for 3 nights: 99,000krw

RT Bus ticket: 28,000

Entrance fee to shrine: 3,000

Food: 40,000

Four Postcards (I couldn’t decide): 12,000

Traditional alcohol sample bottles: 12,000



Gyeongju is one of my absolute favorite places in Korea. It’s the only place I could ever see myself living long term in, in Korea. It has everything I could ever want. Perfect history and scenery with scope for the imagination. One of the best cafes I’ve found. Not too big, not to small. A shop with the most variety of alcohol outside of Seoul. A park where I can fly kites. What’s not to love?

IMG 6074

The very beautiful tomb mounds at sunset

I‘ll probably visit Gyeongju another few times I leave just because I can’t stay away. It’s lovely.

Total Cost: 113,000

Guesthouse for 2 nights: 48,000

RT Bus Trip: 26,000

Entrance Fee to Park: 3,000

Food: 25,000

Postcard: 3,000

Pretty Washi Tape: 8,000



I‘ve been wanting to visit Boseong since I got to Korea. But because there’s really only one thing to do here (visit the tea fields) there’s not much in the way of accommodation. In fact, there’s really only a resort where the cheapest room is 95,000krw. So I had to wait until a friend was willing to go with me. Luckily, it happened!

IMG 6214

Also they’re some of the most beautiful tea fields ever!

And it was so, so worth it. While there isn’t a reason to spend more than a weekend here, it is absolutely worth that weekend. The tea fields are just stunning. While the tea itself is a little lackluster, it’s still good. And the green tea ice cream is delicious. We spent the entire day in the fields and had a wonderful time.

Total Cost: 121,000

Resort Housing: 95,000 (divided by 2 so 47,000)

RT Train Ticket: 26,000

Entrance Fee to Fields: 4,000

Food: 20,000

Postcard: 2,000

Tea and Snacks: 22,000



And that’s my April 2020 Travel report!

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