City I Most Want to Revisit 2020! NYC!

To continue the tradition of having a series of posts at the end of the year, I thought I’d start with this. Last year I wanted to revisit Paris. While I still feel the regret from my first visit and the desire to go, things have changed a bit. The city I most want to revisit in 2020 is NYC.

Unlike with Paris, where I felt a certain amount of regret, I don’t have much to regret about my week-long trip to NYC. I wish I hadn’t gotten sick, but other than that, I loved it. But NYC felt like there was simply too much to do. I felt as though I could have spent a year there before I felt like I’d seen and understood NYC. In short, I absolutely loved it.

It’s probably one of the few cities in America where I’ve felt like I “fit in.” The vibe simply felt more “me.” While I did a lot in those 7 days, I didn’t actually see a lot of the touristy highlights like the Statue of Liberty or Grand Central Station. I’d really like to go back and see those and eat more amazing diverse food. Being in Korea, my food is rather limited to primarily Korean or Korean takes on other cultures’ cuisine. I long for the melting pot of the world’s food everywhere you look in NYC.

I‘ve also been more and more interested in seeing shows in the past few years. Maybe I could actually catch a Broadway show this time? I should probably educate myself in musicals more…

I also think this goal is pretty attainable. Already, I am planning to visit my family in upstate again when I return from Korea so I’ll likely hop down to NYC once more!

And that’s why The City I Most Want to Revisit in 2020 is NYC!

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