Top 5 Cities to Visit in 2020

Last year I most wanted to visit Boston/Salem, Glasgow, Cappadocia, St. Petersburg, and New Orleans. in 2019 I managed to make it to Boston and Salem! It’s always interesting to see how my tastes change and as I look back on the places I wanted to visit things have definitely altered. I don’t really have a burning desire to see either Turkey or Russia at the moment after all. Check out this years Top 5 Cities to Visit!

1. Samarkand, Uzbekistan

2019 might as well be called the Rise of Uzbekistan in my list of places I most want to visit. It took exactly one song (for some reason it’s always the music that gets me) at the Andong Mask Festival here in Korea for me to be obsessed.

shohizinda samarkand uzbekistan top 5 cities

I can vaguely recall hearing the name Samarkand sprinkled throughout half-listened to conversations about the Silk Road. The Shah-i Zinda pictured above is just one of the many gorgeous ancient buildings throughout Samarkand. It seems to be one of the easiest and safest ways to explore the history of the Silk Road!

2. New Orleans, United States

My interest in New Orleans has grown since I wrote my 2019 travel wishes. The more time I’ve spent away from the South of the USA the most I feel like I missed a lot even though I grew up there. Because I saw a lot of Florida I felt I had a handle on the South in general. Now I understand a little better how Florida is pretty much separate from the rest of the South.

french quarter new orleans large tree in center of french style buildings. top 5 cities

New Orleans French Quarter

I want to see the lively music clubs, visit the French Quarter and the French Market, see the Mardi Gras floats at the Mardi Gras World, and eat some delicious jambalaya and beignets!

3. Vienna, Austria

There is exactly one reason why I want to head to Vienna, and it’s for the dancing. This year I learned that people still have dancing balls in Austria! I love to dance and because I read way too much Jane Austen as an impressionable teen, I want nothing more than to experience a ball that isn’t a strange one-off event (often with restricted tickets).

vienna building at night top 5 cities

Of course I also want to see places like the Schonbrunn Palace, check out the opera, and St. Stephens Cathedral.

4. Jerusalem, Israel

When I moved away from Florida I realized that Jewish culture isn’t really as prevalent as I had always assumed. Growing up I had friends who were Jewish and we cooked a lot of cuisine that was at least inspired by it. I miss it a lot. I think it would be really interesting to visit Jerusalem and experience their culture to gain a better understanding than just being in proximity 🙂

panoramic jerusalem top 5 cities

I really want to fully experience each quarter and get lost wandering around the city. Seeing beautiful skylines and sunset as pictured above would also be great!

5. Glasgow, Scotland

I still really want to see Glasgow – and more of Scotland. In fact, Scotland is my current 2020 “Country I Most Want to Revisit.”

glasgow skyline, top 5 cities

There are some cities I want to go to in order to do things. Glasgow is one I’d just like to exist in for a week. Of course the Cathedral and Necropolis and the parks and gardens are places I’ll surely visit as well. But Glasgow seems like an interesting place to hang out.

And those were my top 5 cities! Here’s hoping I’ll see at least one this year!

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