EPIK Summer Camp Schedule: What I Did 

This EPIK summer camp schedule is a continuation of my post on EPIK Summer Camps in general, so check that out first! I’ll give the schedule for each school so you can see how things can be altered.

First School!

Things were generally planned so each day was a different “class” eg. Potions class. I had a 50 minute class with one grade over the course of 5 days. I had a 300,000 won budget.

First Day: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Sort into teams (I like team-based structures but you can skip this). While other teachers will talk about giving a schedule for the week and day, I don’t think this is useful in any way for Elementary. They won’t understand a schedule. We watched a quick movie clip. This got everyone really involved and ready for camp. We did a wand- making craft which took a really long time but they briefly learned a few words about magic etc.

Second Day: Care of Magical Creatures

We used the wands to learn imperatives (i.e. “Fall!” “Sing!”). Ideally this would go in day 1 but we didn’ have time. We then moved on to learning magical creatures like Mermaid, Dragon, etc. I then showed how you can combine two works in English to make a new word. So, a Dog + Cat is a Cog. The kids then designed their own magical creature and drew a photo of it. To make things a little more fun, I gave them balloons on which to draw the animals.

Third Day: History of Magic

We did a video based quiz and then we played Old Maid that was Harry Potter based. I will say this does not work as well for larger classes as the rules are a bit complicated in a second language and you’ll need to split everyone into two groups instead of one. And the card deck is a pain to make (took me like 6 hours total). I’d choose something else unless your class is 9 or less students.

Fourth Day: Potions

This day we learned ingredients and measurements. Then, we made slime! This is a great activity that the kids will love and actually kindof cleans up after itself. There was shockingly little mess after all was said and done.

Fifth Day: House Cup

This day is essentially a movie day. Points were tallied and the main prizes given away. We then watched 50 minutes of Harry Potter and everyone was happy.

Second School!

My second school didn’t want me to use the wand craft or the quiz as someone else had already done it the year before. This actually wound up working out just fine as we watched more of the movie instead. This schedule was around 3.5 hours but really worked out to around 3 hours due to the kids needing to be back in the main hall earlier than expected.

First 50 minutes:

Intro movie clip, sorting into groups. We pretty much copied day 2 for the rest of the time. Then we had a 10 minute break

Second 50 minutes:

Copied day 4 almost exactly. Then we had a 10 minute break.

Third 50 minutes:

Did some worksheets and then watched the Harry Potter movie for the rest of the time. Time was spent cleaning up the classrooms and awarding the prizes as well.

Despite my panicking, altering the schedule for a different camp isn’t as difficult as I assumed it would be.


What I am I planning for next camp?

I‘m going to do Avatar the Last Airbender. I like being able to sort my kids into teams. This way I can have the fire, earth, air, and water teams! Each day of camp can have a different element. I know I want to do another craft, I’m thinking either soap or play-doh (so Earth). This time I’d also like to do something edible, so a herbal tea + bag crafting session (water) sounds like a lot of fun.

Additionally, there are a few PPTs available for games and I have Korean subtitled versions of the show.

I hope this EPIK Summer Camp Schedule post has been helpful!

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