10 Day Japan Itinerary

My vacation days are at last sorted and now I’m headed to Japan in January! So here’s my preliminary plan and feel free to drop a comment with any suggestions! This is my 10 Day Japan Itinerary.

Day 1: Fukuoka

Fukuoka is the easiest and cheapest place to fly into from Busan. It’s also kind of a cool spot, I think, to start off seeing the rest of the country. I have yet to do a “arrive in one place and leave from another” trip and it seems, well, neat to travel steadily eastwards. More like people probably used to travel, way back when. I’ll be seeing some of the many temples and eating delicious ramen while I’m here!

Days 2-3: Osaka

It being on the way to Kyoto, it will be nice to have a slight detour to Osaka, which I admittedly know nothing about but looks lovely in all the photos. I’ll be visiting the castle, staying in the Ritz for free (!!!), and heading on a sake tasting tour.

Days 3-7: Kyoto and Nara

I‘ll be here for four full days! At first I put more time in Tokyo but the more I learned about Kyoto the more I realized I wanted to spend a lot of time there and have a half-day trip to Nara. I’m super excited to stay in a Ryokan (traditional Japanese guesthouse), visit the many shrines, go to a tea plantation, and head to an onsen (we know my obsession with spas).

Days 7-10: Tokyo

Annnd I’ll be finishing things off with a bang in Tokyo. I want Tokyo to top my craziest experience ever (so far it’s Jinju, South Korea). I’ll be going to the Borderless Museum, the Robot show, Harajuku, and so much more. I wish I could have more time in Tokyo but as it seems the most likely place for me to re-visit, I’m at peace with the two and half days I’ll wind up with.

Of course I’ll have a much longer post once I get back but I wanted to let you all know my beyond-Korea plans!

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