November 2019 Travel

This month was pretty trying. What with being sick for the second time already and some overly friendly coworker advances, it’s not been my favorite. Due to these slight mental setbacks, I had a slow start with going traveling this month. However, I realized that part of why my malaise was continuing was because I wasn’t going anywhere new, letting shopping and reading take over. While both activities are fine, they often represent an attempt at escape for me. After nearly three weeks of this it was time to get out. This is my November 2019 Travel Itinerary!


Originally my plan was to go to the museum and the lake there, but I still haven’t made it. Maybe one day. I needed to clear my head after a fairly not great week and a trip to the dimsum restaurant I really loved and a stunning cafe were well in order. I really didn’t do a lot here besides get lost for about an hour and a half walking the wrong way about three times. Check out my full post on Jinju! Korea’s cafes really are something. I’m going to miss them immensely, I can already tell.

Cost: 23,000

Bus tickets: 12,000

Dimsum: 6,000

Latte: 5,000

Busan for an Evening

On my way to Gyeongju, I stopped in Busan. It was in the need of getting out with a friend and getting dinner and drinks. As previously stated, I woke up to the fact that I was thinking far too much (an unhealthy habit I have) so this was all in order. It was a great start to my weekend! Check out my daytrip to Busan itinerary.

Cost: 53,000

1-way Bus ticket: 5,000

Local transport: 3,000

Hostel: 18,000

A night out: 27,000 won



IMG 3135

One of the many mound tombs just hanging out in the middle of Gyeongju

Oh, I loved it here. Everything other than two of the main attractions was absolutely awesome. I cannot wait to return in the spring for the cherry blossoms. Check out what I did in Gyeongju!

Cost: 71,000

Return bus ticket: Had to take a detour to Busan so 11,000 total

Hostel: 16,000

Local transport: 6,000

Entrance fees: 13,000

Food: 25,000

Souvenir postcards: 7,000 (because of course the one I wanted was in the more expensive 8 pack, not the four pack >.<)



IMG 3472

Yeosu by night, from a lovely cafe window!

The way I discovered Yeosu was a tad round-about. I was intending to go to Namhae but there weren’t any cheap places to stay. Everything kept coming up with Yeosu as an alternative. The more I looked into it, the more I wanted to visit Yeosu in November, when the Camellias are meant to bloom. Unfortunately there were only a few blooming – I think it was too warm! I was shockingly hot in Yeosu. Either way it was a lot of fun and very beautiful.

Cost: 91,500 (Eek! My budget is usually 75,000 won per trip. Those extra two lattes really did me in)

Intercity Transport: 23,000 (I missed my first train so lost out on 7,000won and it was 16,000 for the bus ticket!!)

Hostel: 22,000

Local Transport: 6,000

Entrance Fees/Attractions: 15,000 for the sky-lift to Dolsan.

Food: 25,000 (Latte at Starbucks to drown my woes of missing my train, Hot chocolate and cake at a cafe, and another latte in the evening, and a weird donut thing that seems overly popular for how good it is)

Postcard: 500 won.



IMG 3566

A scene on the Kdrama set in Suncheon

Suncheon is on the way back from Yeosu regardless of what form of transport you take. As such I decided to stop off to see the gardens and the Kdrama film sets! At first I thought the gardens were overpriced until I walked inside. It’s completely worth it, they are stunning and I think with this and a visit to the bay you’d have yourself a full day.

Cost: 41,000

Bus ticket to Suncheon: 5,000

Bus ticket to Changwon: 11,000

Local transport: 4,000

Entrance Fees: 9,000 to the national gardens and film set

Food: 12,000 for a less than great meal at Mono Cheese and a water bottle


In December…

I‘m heading to Tongyeong this weekend. There are also some holiday parties coming up in December so I’ll be attending them – most seem to take place in Busan. I’m considering Ulsan for my later this month, do you have any ideas?

But that’s my November 2019 travel! Check out my other posts!

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