It’s a Fair, it happens, it’s overpriced and it’s really an excuse to eat everything on a stick which is great. You can try to get hypnotized or watch other people get hypnotized. There’s rides. I haven’t been to Riverfest in Wichita, although I’ve wandered around outside of it, but I’d imagine it’s probably better if definitely more expensive. The Kansas State Fair was interesting, and I am glad that I went, but I think it’s perhaps an outing better suited to those who live in the area.

I don’t know if this would be my first recommendation for something to do in the area of Wichita. It’s about a half hour away from Wichita (it’s in Hutchinson) so it’s already a bit of a drive, and it has a fair bit of limitations for what to do. Mainly, it’s limited to weird Fair food – which is good and fun, don’t get me wrong. It’s just very expensive and there’s not many more options.

There are, of course, some fun rides, but I couldn’t really recommend paying the outrageous ticket prices. Not all of them use tickets (the most interesting cost $10 outright), and the rides are hit or miss. One in particular had me and my seat mate fearing for our lives. I love roller coasters and I’m not afraid of much, particularly when it comes to potential bodily harm. I see it as the Vikings did – if it’s my fated day to die, it will be so. And yet, this ride felt like tempting fate as it went upside down and the lack of seatbelts led to the more petite among use nearly sliding out entirely. Fun.

In the end…

I don’t know if I’d repeat visit. It was okay but I feel like a Fair is a Fair. When you’ve been to one or two you’ve probably been to them all.

However, don’t let me deter you too much! One of the nice things about Fairs is that you can see something of the local culture at them. It was very nice to sample the local honey, to see the decorative breads, and the butter statue was, well, interesting. And, again, while it probably made me sick, the food was a lot of fun 😛

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