Harry Potter Sleepover at the Museum 

If you’ve ever wanted to sleepover in a museum, now is the chance. You get sorted into your houses and you have the ability to sign up for classes in Divination, Potions, etc. The Wichita Museum of World Treasures is already and interesting and fairly eclectic collection. There’s civil war costumes, WW2 memorabilia, a mummy, pieces of the Berlin Wall….the list goes on. It’s probably worth a visit even without the various events it hosts throughout the year. However, I think this event is one of the most memorable of my time in Wichita and honestly well-worth scheduling a visit to fall on this weekend.

The Event

A Harry Potter 21+ sleepover in a museum. What could be better? When you sign up you let them know what house you’re in. There aren’t that many Slytherins in Kansas (no kidding) so if you are one or don’t care you can sign up under Slytherin and know you’ll have an easier time getting into the classes you want (many classes have reserved seats for each house). They have several classes each year but many are consistent like the museum walk-about (we missed half of this), potions (a mixology style class – fun!), transfiguration (charades), and other games and fun. You can choose 3 classes.

There’s a limited bar where you can buy alcoholic drinks like butter beer and vodka lemonades colored to your house colors (fun!). There’s also delicious treats available to snack on, and the ticket includes dinner. However, you should also be aware that there is an hour in-between each class during which you can head outside to the “happening” area of Wichita on the weekend. There’s tons of bars and a couple clubs, and even an arcade. If you don’t want to sit around and talk to people you don’t know, feel free to head out!

The Price


For a full meal, breakfast, museum entrance fee, a place to sleep, plus potential included alcohol and fun and games? I think it’s a fairly reasonable price. There are definitely things in Wichita that you can do cheaper. But in my opinion nothing I’ve done was as much fun as this. The Wichita Museum of World Treasures is also worth a look around on a regular day if you’re just passing through!

Some tips

Me and my friend roughed it with sleeping bags when other people glamped out with full-size blow up mattresses. I didn’t care but if you want to, bring it. Also I recommend setting up earlier for premium spots or spots in less creepy areas if that is a condition (I have a hard rule that I don’t mess with mummies or mannequins at night).

Fully recommend and if you’re interested, you should check out their Yule Ball which happens in December.


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