October 2019 Travel Report

South Korea

I haven’t yet explored beyond Korea, as Korea has been keeping me busy. I hardly had a free weekend this month! This is my October 2019 travel report!


A quick daytrip to Jinju, only an hour from my home in Changwon. What a wild experience! Possibly the most “Korean” experience I’ve had yet. I will not soon forget the hours I spent at the Jinju Lantern Festival where, spoiler, the lanterns were the least of the excitement.

IMG 2787

The Jinju lanterns show up terribly in photos, but this was the best one of the lot!

Cost: 36,000

Intercity Bus (roundtrip): 13,000w

Taxi Transport: 6,000w (I arrived home too late to take the quick bus, so I opted for a taxi)

Food: 17,000w

Tourist Purchase: 10,000w for an awesome, totally worth it light up pig balloon.



I thought Andong would be the highlight of my second four day weekend. While I very much enjoyed it, and hope to return again soon, Jinju definitely overshadowed the trip. Andong just couldn’t hope to be as crazy. But Andong was super peaceful and traditional during its Masked Dance Festival. You can see my full thoughts here. 

IMG 2915

The streets of the Andong Hahoe Village

Cost: 105,000w

Intercity Bus (roundtrip): 28,000w

Local Transport: 6,000w

Food: 25,000w (I went a little crazy on the trip-home snacks)

Hostel: 20,000w

Experiences: 19,000w (I went to two masked dance shows at 7k each, and the Hahoe Village entrance fee is 5k)

Tourist Purchase: 7,000 (a postcard and a small model of a Korean temple so I have a project)


Changwon Kpop World Festival

A yearly occurance in Changwon. Groups from around the world come to compete for several cash prizes in Kpop. A fun, and cheap, experience!

Cost: 6,000 for a ticket

IMG 2971

The Changwon Kpop Festival takes place in this huge stadium!

Busan Trip 1

I went to my first Pride in Busan. It was a little botched as technically Pride had been cancelled, but it was still a ton of fun. I stayed with a friend who goes to University in Busan so I didn’t have that fee! While there wasn’t too much to talk about, I’ll probably deem it worthy of a post at some point, haha.

IMG 2985

The beautiful Gwangalli Beach!

Cost: 100,000

Intercity Bus (roundtrip): 14,000

Taxi to friend’s house: 13,000

Local Transport: 4,000

Food: 25,000

Experiences: 44,000 (ticket to Drag Brunch including breakfast and unlimited mimosas and the after party + money to tip)


Busan Trip 2

IMG 3040

A book alley in Busan I’ll talk about soon!

My second trip to Busan was to meet up with a friend from London. It was super lovely to see a familiar face for once, in my new home. This time I headed over on a Friday so I wouldn’t be as rushed. I found a few more new fun things to do in Busan and I’ll eventually get around to writing about it!

Cost: 122,000

Intercity Bus (roundtrip): 9,000

Local Transport: 6,000

Taxi: 20,000

Food: 41,000

Hostel: 66,000


Check in next month where I plan to explore Changwon (my home city), Jinju, Gyeongju, and somewhere around Namhae! I hope my October 2019 travel report has been helpful for your planning 🙂

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