Top Country to Revisit in 2020 – Scotland!

Last year the country I most wanted to revisit was Italy. But in February I’ll already visit there! I loved my short time in Rome, now I’ll finally be able to experience the country more! Now I’ll talk about 2020’s Top Country to Revisit.


Visiting Scotland has been one of the highlights of my travels. I fell absolutely in love with the scenery, the accents, even the weather for the most part. That weird mist felt surprisingly great and it kept me awake. The whisky kept me warm and the food…well…the food was not great. But that’s ok! I’m sure I just tried the wrong things and I’ll do a better job next time.

Like many parts of Europe so far, I’ve been surprised. I didn’t expect much from London and I loved it. I was excited to visit Rome but it was definitely a whim, and I loved it. And honestly, I didn’t know that much about Scotland when I visited in 2018. I need very little excuse to use this photo again:

A sheer cliff-like gorge covered in moss and mushrooms with a waterfall tumbling below

When I was in Scotland I found the only place I’ve ever felt the urge to get married in (or be transported to faerieland). I could perfectly picture all the bloody history as I took a tour to the highlands. I was surprised at how small and quaint famous places like as Loch Ness could be. And I loved the view of the Castle up high in Edinburgh and somehow getting lost on my way up Arthur’s Seat. I found myself wishing I had scheduled more time, but I was already on a budget 🙁

Glasgow features on my Top 5 Cities I Want to Visit list, but I don’t want to stop there. I want to spend more time in the highlands, travel up to the Orkney Islands, and castle hop. I really want to visit a lot of the cute towns I glimpsed on my way to the highlands.

scotland 540119 1920

More views like this please!

And that’s it for the top country to revisit!

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