Danyang is a hot spot for paragliding in Korea! And, who knew Korea was known for its paragliding?! The paragliding experience in Danyang is one of the most fun, and surprisingly peaceful adventures I have had.

Even my good friend who joined me on my trip to Danyang – who regularly gets motion sick – found the experience exhilarating and smooth. So, let’s learn about my paragliding experience in Danyang and how you can have your own!

View of paraglides over the Danyang

Why Paraglide in Korea? Why Paraglide in Danyang?

I know, it seems odd. But, in a way, it makes sense.

Korea as a country is 85% mountains. That means you’re getting some fun wind patterns and beautiful tree-top scenery. The skydiving adventures in Danyang are particularly good due to the wending Han river that is spread like a ribbon through the city and hills below.

Many towns in Korea look for things to make them special. Suncheon has gardens, Boseong has tea fields, etc. Danyang continues down this path and has made itself the epicenter of paragliding in Korea.

Paragliding Experience in Danyang: Cost and What it Includes

Paragliding over the Han river in Danyang Paragliding in Danyang experience

The prices for a tandem paragliding lesson are pretty reasonable, around $100 per flight. I went with Adventure Korea, per usual. This might seem expensive for something in Korea, and there are ways to get it cheaper.

If you simply go up the mountain yourself to the 단양패러마을 you can probably fly for 60-80,000krw.

Here’s why I don’t recommend that. For one, you would absolutely need a rental car. Secondly, your rental car probably won’t make the climb very easily. Thirdly, you’ll be terrified out of your mind.

The ride up the mountain was far more terrifying than the actual paragliding. Think steep, eroded, dirt mountain roads with no guardrails and rubber tarps thrown over deeper crevices in the road. Bumpy, with a nice view down the cliff as you drive by, sliding from one side of the vehicle to the other. Just pay the price and don’t try it yourself.

The Adventure Korea cost includes pick-up from the train or bus station. Since the train station is a little out of the way this would save you an $8 taxi ride.

Additionally, the price includes a GoPro video recording of your trip!

Danyang Paragliding Experience

Paragliding center in Danyang

I thought the instructors were awesome. Cheerful, confident, fun. The took photos of us and had us watch a safety video. After that, we got suited up in some truly awesome flying suits.

Take-off was exhilarating. To feel like there is a point where suddenly you can’t stop, and everything after this next step is going to be in the air.

The actual flight was like meditation. Riding the currents above the trees, swooping in slow loops before rising back up again. The world turning like a marble below you.

It lasted a surprisingly long time and yet it was so short, when we came bumping back to earth. It’s definitely a moment of “did that really happen” and “could I do that again, please?”

I highly recommend paragliding in general as it seems much less stressful than skydiving and a little more than a hot air balloon. And I recommend Danyang, for its views and things to do.

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