My vision for what 2019 would look like back in 2018 is so vastly different from what it turned out to be. But I’m very happy with what is happening in my life now. I know for sure certain decisions were healthier and more exciting for my future as well. So just how much can travel plans change in a few months?

My Original Plans

Nordic Travel

I planned a graduation trip to the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Denmark over the course of around 3 weeks. I was looking forward to a vacation vacation. Technically my LA Spa Hopping adventure had been my first vacation, but even that had meetings at grad schools and tours. I even have a post about my plans for Iceland. I was planning the trip to be in June.

Why it didn’t happen

As my time in university was coming to an end I realized I wasn’t just tired, I was exhausted. Even with limiting my credit hours, my thesis consumed a lot of my time. While I love study abroad, it has meant that I don’t really get “relaxing” summers. School has been pretty much 365 days a year. As I prepped for the GRE and researched grad schools, I was starting to become more frazzled. I just didn’t feel ready. I love school, but signing myself up for another 5-7 years of school sounded like it would kill me.

On a trip to Kansas City a friend mentioned how she was taking the step to move across the country to try and grow her career in a bigger city. She had seen a TED Talk about how between the ages of 22-28 were the ideal time to try different things and maybe hit upon something. I started thinking about this more and more as I became more and more tired. So, around November I realized I didn’t want to go to grad school right away. I wanted to take a year to do something I’ve wanted to do since I was 14 years old – teach in South Korea. While I could not be happier with my change in plan, it does mean my beloved Faroe Islands are on hold due to timing.

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The cute little sheep! The misty, dramatic landscapes! What more could you want from the Faroe Islands

Guatemala and Yoga

When I saw how cheap it was to travel to Guatemala and do those month long yoga/spiritual getaways, I was ready to jump on board. I even asked questions of the program to see if I could teach online while there. I was ready for the reset button it would give to my outlook.

Why it didn’t happen

Essentially, I changed my mind. I realized I wanted to see my extended family before I left for Korea, and I could not afford (both in money and time) to do both. Instead, I went to see my family in upstate New York and had a week in NYC, a new city for me! I had an absolutely wonderful time and I wouldn’t exchange the time I had with family I likely won’t see for a long time.

guatemala 80835 960 720

Just look at this….someday…someday

Paris in December

There is a program I have long wanted to do that is sort of like WWOOF except not as chancy and with more free time. It involves being able to stay for free in Paris if you work for the business during the day. I feel like it would be my gateway into re-acquainting myself with Paris. I figured it would be a nice, fairly inexpensive trip during winter vacation in grad school. Check out my first stay in Paris!

Why it’s not happening

Technically it could still happen, but my winter vacation is likely to be quite a bit longer than the week I would have spent in Paris. I’ve currently set my sights on a tour of Italy, with stops in San Marino and possibly Malta. Who knows what I’ll wind up with 🙂

But as you can see, in each instance I wound up with something new. I enjoyed and will enjoy myself at every turn throughout the rest of 2019! South Korea, you’re up next! This has been How Travel Plans Change – I hope it gave you some insight.



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