Wichita Frank Lloyd Write Tea Party

This is a fun look at one of the homes Frank Lloyd Wright actually lived in. And also, it’s a tea party! This one was Mother-Daughter themed but I saw groups of girls involved as well. It was a lot of fun and I won the raffle (as always). The Wichita Frank Lloyd Wright Tea Party was a lot of fun!

Visiting a Frank Lloyd Wright building itself was actually a lot of fun. For those of you who enjoy open houses for homes put on the market, this is window shopping at its finest. The architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright is always a treat, and this was one of the homes he actually lived in with his family!

The Price

It was $40 for two (Mother-Daughter), $25 each otherwise. I think this price was fair as the typical 1-hour guided tour is $15 otherwise. I think the latter price is a tad steep but it does require a person to actually show up at that specific time. Our ticket included an assortment of delicious snacks, a fruity cocktail, and tea. Plus, a raffle which I won 😛 The tour is apparently unguided but there were several patrons in various rooms to provide insight to the history of the building and the family.

It’s a fun weekend day out for friends or a mother-daughter day. If you like museums, I think you would enjoy this, but I also think this event has enough cross-over that even if you don’t like museums, you will find enough to enjoy. I managed to find a good job opportunity for this upcoming December through some of the people sitting around our tea table!

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